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PsoEasy Treatment Shampoo 200ml / 6.8 Oz



PSOEASY Active Shampoo effectively alleviates and controls various irritated scalp symptoms such as dryness, redness, flaking, scaling, itching and dandruff. These symptoms are often caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhoea and dermatitis.

The PsoEasy treatment shampoo consists of a unique formula, which combines several natural components including Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts. The formula is also rich with anti-inflammatory components such as Tea Tree Oil and Wheat Germ Oil (Vitamin E), which are known for their effectiveness in alleviating inflammatory scalp symptoms caused by Psoriasis, Seborrhoea and Dermatitis.

The shampoo cleans and disinfects the scalp, preventing dandruff and prepares the scalp for complete absorption of PSOEASY Scalp Lotion.


Results may vary

Directions: Wet the hair and scalp thoroughly and apply PsoEasy Active Shampoo. Lather for a few minutes and rinse well. Repeat the process a second time. Use consecutively for a duration of at least two weeks. We recommend using the PsoEasy Active Shampoo together with the PsoEasy Scalp Lotion for best results.