It is easy to get school information clog online. Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and others are actually shouting ‘Read Me! Read through Me! ‘. But let face this, we simply have so much time to assimilate university or college information and even less time looking to decide issues read. And that is exactly where I just come in. I understand who has the best college corresponding blog posts together with where to find these individuals.

Apart from my own (shameless plug), these are the other one college articles I love. Sign up for their e-mail lists, follow most of their blogs in addition to soak up each of the relevant data they provide. Simply because who wants to study every single post from every last college skilled? And… with the time?

Planning College-The Ugly Blog

Henry Hemphill, a completely independent college healthcare practitioner is famous for his or her ‘no bull’ advice to parents. The guy doesn’t fin words and tells it like it is actually. He’s about the parents’ section, always in addition to exposes some unknown truths regarding colleges and they take care of admissions.

The group Solutions Web log

Lynn O’Shaughnessy blogs pertaining to everything relating to college preparation and admission. She is a competent in the area of higher education admissions, has got written textbooks on the niche and also a lessons to mothers and fathers called, ‘Cutting the Cost of College’. You will find precise and advanced information on her blog.

College or university Financial Aid Advisors Blog

Jodi Okun websites about financing. She’s an experienced with the FAFSA and advocates parents regarding all areas relating to financing institution. As an added bonus, Jodi hosts the weekly support on Forums (#CollegeCash in 5PM PT).

College Cooking Examiner Website

Wendy David-Gaines (POCSMom) weblogs at evaluator. com around college cooking and the current college current information. Her suggestions is focused towards fathers and mothers and you will uncover all themes on her web log: admissions, educational funding, scholarships and college reports.

TeenLife Blog site

Sponsored by simply TeenLife Paper, this blog provides college current information, parenting tips, information about the summer time programs plus gap ages, along with a lot of information about faculty prep.

Smart College Have a look at Blog

This website is jam-packed with all forms of tips and advice for the patients parents and individuals involved in the higher education prep method. It offers scholarships tips and parent or guardian tips in addition to advice for all those aspects of the very admissions process.


A month ago, I was actually talking to an job interviewer about university or college prep fellow pressure on the context showing how it deals with the stress factor. Parents want to factor in fellow pressure when they think about how your current student definitely will react to it again, how it will probably affect his or her college alternative, and how the pressure surrounding it will affect his emotional health and wellbeing.

How do individuals react to peer pressure about college?

Individuals react to fellow pressure in several ways. There does exist positive peer pressure— what type that causes your own personal student to excel for you to compete with various other students. There exists negative peer pressure— the sort that causes your own student to create poor picks based on other’s choices or example.

What makes peer stress affect your personal student’s university choice?

Expert pressure can offer a strong affect where your company student wishes to apply to school. It can make the dog feel like your dog needs to try to find an Ivy just because his or her fellow pupils are making use of. It can trigger him so that you can want to try to find a college just because a site friend and also boyfriend is definitely applying. Peer pressure can have a serious effect on your company student’s college choices if you guide the pup to be self-serving and sensible when making those choices. And not only are the students pressured just by their colleagues, but fathers and mothers feel strain as well from their parents who else brag of their total students institution choices. Additionally , parents frequently apply pressure toward a particular college during the selection process. This specific puts extra stress on the student that will often trigger the student to select a college which he is not considering just to satisfy his mom and dad.

How will the load surrounding peer pressure change your student’s emotional well being?

Every father or knows typically the affect fellow pressure might have on your college. Students truly feel less flourishing than other individuals who are signing up to prestigious colleges and universities. Students can easily feel depressed with their own college choices every time they stack these products up against some other students. Often the battle intensifies once school decisions start off rolling throughout and other learners start discussing where maintain attending.

The bottom line: Stay away from the college prep peer strain and do your best to negate it. Encourage your pupil to be somebody and observe his own journey.

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